Most advanced Crypto Trading Bot

Gunbot is a product from a software suite offering one of the most advanced trading technologies and a community of hundreds of active, smart and talented traders:

  • Automate your trading, don't let emotions trade for you
  • Make profit without risk with BitRage
  • Make money in any market using MarketMaker

The Gunbot provides:

  • More than 15 ready-made strategies
  • Integration with TradingView
  • Arbitration bot
  • Market Maker bot
  • Support for 150+ exchanges

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Automate your crypto trading with Gunbot

The Gunbot is a cryptocurrency bot which fully automates the trading. If you are a beginner - use ready-made strategies that have already been tested, debugged by users of our community and constantly makes a profit.

Gunbot is ideal for professional traders too - create your own custom strategies for any number of cryptocurrencies using a set of trading indicators, or automate only parts of a trade, for example, selling using Trailing Stop or DCA.

Gunbot supports automated margin trading on exchanges. Trade in both market directions - Bullish and Bearish - using reversal based strategies. Need a completely customization? Use the TradingView plugin and execute orders based on alerts.

Gunbot is not sold by subscription and does not charge any trading fees! You get free free training and support from official GUnbot School. Security first - your trade data remains between you and the exchange, API keys and any other information are not stored centrally and are not transferred to third parties.

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The arbitrage bot for crypto

Arbitrage - is a series of consecutive trades to profit from the difference in intermediate prices. Use intra-exchange arbitrage trading on three- and four-party transactions with Bitrage (e.g. BTC-ETH-ADA).

bitRage is a bot that automatically trades for you without loss! At high speed, it scans the opportunities for profitable trades, then buys and sells several cryptocurrency pairs and returns the profit to the original currency (base).

bitRage doesn't care about the price or direction of the market, it profits from imbalances in the markets.

bitRage has no analogues on the market. And this product is only available to Gunbot users!

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Why Gunbot ?
  • Free Gunthy tokens when purchasing a license
  • No subscriptions - one-time payment with lifetime license
  • 15 pre-installed professional trading strategies
  • Free updates and new versions without limits
  • Trainings and support from official Gunbot School
  • Automatic trading and passive income 24/7
Gunbot Features
Unlimited trading pairs

Gunbot has no limit on the number of trading pairs. Only you decide whether to trade one or hundreds of currency pairs.

Innovative strategies

Once your Gunbot is installed, you have 15 preconfigured, tested and analyzed strategies immediately. Optimize any strategy yourself with a single click on our most advanced user interface on the market.

Additional trailing

Get the best entry and exit points - use our unique tracking algorithm to sell or buy in the best position of the day, hour or minute. Positions will be closed at the ideal time that the market is changing direction.

Confirming indicators

Use proven indicators to limit trading in different market conditions. Choose between ADX, RSI, Stochastic, StochRSI, MFI, EMA, EMAspread and more - the number of indicators available in Gunbot is constantly growing.

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Very good bot for crypto, helped to make money! Highly recommend to everyone to use!


Incredible its use for the crypto world. My way of trading has completely changed, but the best thing is not the bot, it is Uri, the reseller, he is always there for what you need, availability and maximum efficiency!


Excelente servicio, gran conocimiento de la materia , siempre disponible en fin top of the top. Gracias