Gunbot Add-ons

Gunbot BlackCard
300 Gunthy
BUY Gunbot BlackCard

Try out Gunbot Ultimate for 30 days
by burning Gunthy tokens

  • 30 Days Gunbot Ultimate
  • Try our full blown License
  • Just burn 300 Gunthy
  • Give you 50% Off to upgrade your license
  • must be redeemed b4 the 30d expires
  • You get a personalized email to upgrade.
Discount: 50%
Backtesting add-on
BUY Backtesting add-on

Backtest strategies for any pair and any timeframe TradingView offers.

  • Backtest Gunbot strategies
Discount: 50%
TradingView add-on
BUY TradingView add-on

No compromises: email alerts & webhooks for your TV

  • Execute trades for incoming email alerts
  • Now available with webhook integration